Care Tips

  • Fall fashion.

    Slouchy and relaxed overalls and jumpsuits are everywhere, in classic denim, muted pastels, even leather with brassy hardware. Top trends run from trenches to shearling details, ideal for layering as weather cools. You’ll see long statement plaids, cozy corduroy, military-inspired jackets and … Continue reading →

  • More vinegar tips.

    Scrub a paste of baking soda and vinegar to remove collar rings. Spray full strength vinegar on yellow perspiration stains, mustard and ketchup too. Fluff up cotton and wool blankets with a cup of vinegar in the final rinse. Vinegar … Continue reading →

  • Vinegar to the rescue!

    It’s more than salad dressing. Distilled white vinegar is a nontoxic multi-purpose cleaning wonder that has many uses in the home laundry. New clothes need washing before wear, adding a ½ cup of white vinegar to the wash helps remove … Continue reading →

  • Wash that mask.

    Every time you wear a reusable cloth mask, it needs to be washed. After wearing for even a short amount of time, the fabric will absorb bacteria and contaminants from the air. Dermatologists are even treating cases of “maskne” where … Continue reading →

  • Eid al-Adha.

    Today, Muslims around the world celebrate their 4-day holiday with an act of thanksgiving for God’s mercy. It’s a time for prayer, giving thanks, wearing traditional clothes and sharing national dishes and gifts. Muslims are encouraged to be especially friendly … Continue reading →

  • Berry stains.

    They’re summer’s best treat but their bright colors can stain like nothing else. Stain removal starts with stretching the affected fabric over a large bowl, then pour boiling water through the fabric. This should remove most of the stain, but … Continue reading →

  • Picnic classics.

    Bright checkered tablecloth, silly (or plainly practical) BBQ apron, oversized cloth napkins/placemats/bibs, fun and fancy dishcloth wine wrappers, brand-new white t-shirts.  All our summer favorites, all one oops from a stain. Ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce or beer, we’re all one spill … Continue reading →

  • Fluffy, fresh towels.

    After a swim, shower or bath, there’s nothing as refreshing as a big, clean terrycloth towel. Home laundry fabric softener or dryer sheets prevent a towel’s fibers from soaking up water, incompletely rinsed detergent can harden the fibers. If towels … Continue reading →

  • Linen, the summer classic.

    Linen’s looser weave allows more air to flow. It’s also absorbent and conductive —wicking moisture back into the air so you feel cooler, naturally. The wrinkled, rumpled look of linen is a side-effect of the flax fiber’s inherent structure, considered … Continue reading →

  • Don’t sweat it.

    When temperature, humidity, stress or activity trigger perspiration, it’s natural. But stains aren’t. Moisture combined with deodorant can create stubborn yellowing or white residue. Too much product is often the culprit – apply one thin layer and allow it to … Continue reading →