Care Tips

  • Laundry myths.

    Add more detergent for cleaner clothes?  Wrong.  When there’s too much to rinse out you get dingy results and may damage your machine. Hotter water is better?  In fact, today’s laundry products are formulated to work as well with cold water. Hot water … Continue reading →

  • Cardigans.

    It’s cardigan time again. The age-old classic sweater is a versatile, essential part of the well-dressed wardrobe. A cross between a vest and sweater, it’s ideal for layered comfort in cooler temperatures and gives you a quick transition from casual to … Continue reading →

  • Back to basics.

    Want an eco-friendly fabric that’s affordable and lasts? Go back to basics: wool is woven into the fabric of our fashion history, but does it get a bad rap?  Wool isn’t like that old itchy blanket at grandma’s house you remember.  The … Continue reading →

  • Pet hair management.

    Consumer Reports cautions that pet hair can clog a washing machine, prevent proper drainage, clumping in drains or sticking to the side of the machine. They recommend removing pet hair from clothes with a lint roller or masking tape. For bedding, … Continue reading →

  • Keep it local.

    Want to make a local, sustainable choice? Look no further than your local merchants. Hometown businesses create jobs and contribute to our community in many ways. The numbers are impressive: three-quarters of every dollar stays here in your community compared to … Continue reading →

  • Beanie?

    Call it a beanie, watch cap or plain old stocking cap, there’s nothing warmer. Pull on a snug knitted cap to keep out the cold and add some style to your bundled-up look. Knit or crocheted hats made of natural … Continue reading →

  • The classic OCBD.

    That’s Oxford cloth button down and there’s at least one in almost every man’s closet. Back in 1896, John Brooks, grandson of the Brooks Brothers founder, took an idea from polo players, buttoning down the collar to keep it out … Continue reading →

  • Restore and preserve.

    Count on us to keep your keepsakes fresh and protected. Preservation’s not just for bridal gowns, we can help save christening gowns, military uniforms, letter jackets and prom dresses. And restoration by our experts can repair stains, tears and loose … Continue reading →

  • Corduroy classic.

    Autumn favorite corduroy needs special cleaning care to preserve the rich velvety pile and prevent shrinking. If your corduroy garment is washable, check the label before throwing it in the wash. Never wash with lint producers like fleece, felt or … Continue reading →

  • Linen laundry cycle.

    The coronavirus has us all thinking about hygiene more than ever. Handwashing, mask washing and bedding, too. Everything you’re exposed to during the day goes into the bed with you, from pollen and pet dander to bacterial and viral particles. … Continue reading →