Our History

Weil Cleaners was established in 1929 by the late Doniel B Weil. Mr. Weil’s philosophy was to provide exceptional services by seeking out the best processes, cleaning solutions, and equipment available. Mr. Weil was working for the Missouri Pacific railroad and realized that since the crew had no shower facilities during the week, that it would be a good idea to not only establish a cleaners, but to also offer a shower, soap, and a towel for ‘two bits’ all while cleaning work garments worn during the week. No longer did the railroad workers return home unclean, smelly, and with dirty clothes for the wife to wash.

As time progressed, the second generation Weil, Louis, returned to Monroe after two years of service in the army to learn and work in his family’s cleaning business. Mr. Louis expanded the services offered by Weil Cleaners to include carpet and furniture cleaning during the 1950’s, home pickup and delivery in the 60’s along with services that assisted victims of fire and water related damage to their homes and businesses.

The third generation Weil, Donnie, entered the business in the late 60’s and continued to expand Weil Cleaners services, and was instrumental in growing the company to six locations with up to 73 employees. Donnie felt that education was paramount in providing this area with not only the best, but exceptional cleaning services. Donnie Weil has lengthy credentials and training experience that allow Weil Cleaners to offer only the best. Every year, he attends schools and conventions to keep current with the very latest processes, cleaning solutions and equipment. Mr. Weil also brings in nationally acclaimed experts several times a year to provide expert training for its employees in order to bring you the absolute best in cleaning services.

Weil Cleaners’ latest addition for its customers is ‘Computer Assisted Spot & Stain Removal’. Weil Cleaners is one of the first to offer this service in the entire country.


Services We’re Famous For

We offer a wide variety of dry cleaning, laundry and rental services to fit the individual needs of our clients.

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