Care Tips

  • Odor outers

    Are smelly stains making you wrinkle your nose every time you lay down on your pillowcase or wipe your mouth with your napkin? Did you forget a load of laundry in the washing machine and now it smells like mildew? … Continue reading →

  • Flax by any name

    Are you in the hunt for a cool fabric this season, but want to try something other than cotton? Flax is the oldest known fabric, and is commonly referred to as linen. Flax is eco-friendly and great for areas with … Continue reading →

  • Keep your jeans in shape

    Scared of shrinking your fancy new jeans? Remember, it’s the last 15% of the hot dry cycle that causes shrinkage. Clothing has a base moisture level when “dry,” but overdrying causes the fabric to shrink, fade and lose softness. Instead … Continue reading →

  • Fashion first aid.

    Fashion first aid kit. Emergencies happen, and quick fixes can save the day (or night). Double stick tape removes lint, fixes falling hemlines. Use a black Sharpie on a scuffed heel. Use a piece of hangar foam to remove deodorant … Continue reading →

  • Summer wedding tips for women.

    The unbreakable rule: keep the spotlight on the bride and never wear white, cream or pale pastels. Prints with light backgrounds are fine, as long as they don’t read as white from a distance. If the ceremony is in a … Continue reading →

  • Summer wedding tips for men.

    Women have it easy just wearing a simple non-white dress. But in summer, the men’s traditional dark suit can be a little warm, somber and predictable. For a city wedding, choose a light weight suit in gray, blue or a … Continue reading →

  • Happy 4th of July!

    We quote Erma Bombeck, popular newspaper humorist and author.  “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show … Continue reading →

  • Sparkling white sneakers.

    White canvas shoes are perfect for summer – until they start looking beige. Here’s how to remove stains, thanks to How to Clean Stuff. Scrub away dirt stains with shampoo on a nail brush, wipe residue away with a damp … Continue reading →

  • Premarital advice

    It’s a wedding season like no other. With pandemic restrictions lifting, finding a venue, caterer, florist, dj & photographer is going to be even more difficult than before. Whether you are bride or bridesmaid, groom or groomsman, our expert staff … Continue reading →

  • Looking good from top to bottom

    Presenting a business-like image when working from home? Always make sure your shirt (and tie, if that serious) are professionally cleaned and finished to wrinkle-free crispness. Going back to the office? Bring those unused suit trousers, slacks and chinos to … Continue reading →